Introducing Ezra Climate

February 8, 2023
Windfarm in a meadow of sunflowers
Photo Credit: Gustavo Quepon, Unsplash

We’ve never been more excited about what we’re building at Ezra. We believe that climate tech’s major advancements of declining cost, increasing efficiency, and greater scale in the last decade will pale in comparison to the advancements we anticipate in the next.

But for our global economy to rapidly decarbonize, better and cheaper technologies only take us so far. What will enable mass adoption of climate technologies are financial products and software platforms that increase the ease of deployment.

This is where Ezra is focused. The clean energy transition is based largely on replacement technologies that are capex intensive. Fintech companies that reduce the up-front cost of this transition have the potential to unlock massive markets.

We’re building and funding companies like Solara, which is developing a suite of software tools and financial products that will accelerate solar installations in largely unpenetrated emerging markets all over the world.

We’re going deep with the team at Orka by building solar fintech products specifically designed for the backbone of the American economy: small business.

We’re helping Phosphor build software that will redefine underwriting of major renewable energy projects.

We’re launching research sprints into emerging sectors, uncovering opportunities hidden in the Inflation Reduction Act, and building a studio-wide operating system that will allow us to increase both our focus and our leverage.

We believe the climate transition represents a shift akin to the industrial revolution, a modern-day transformation of the economy on a scale we haven't seen since the 19th century. But unlike the last industrial revolution that was powered by greenhouse gas emitting fuels, this one will be propelled by renewable energy.

When fintech works in concert with climate tech, not only are we able to avoid the worst of a climate emergency, but we’re able to reimagine how our economy can work and what it looks like for humans to return to a healthier relationship with nature.

The stakes are high and the time is short, but we’re in this for the long-term. We’re just getting started, and we’re honored to build alongside you.

Dan and Dori