We build climate fintech
that leverage software to deploy capital faster, open up new markets, and retool & revitalize traditional industries
like diversified asset managers that are designed to meet climate fintech and renewable market demands with a single structure
We build both companies and platforms because we believe a full suite of corporate structures and financial vehicles are needed to accelerate the deployment of capital into climate technologies.
We are thesis-driven
starting internally by organizing around promising ideas and concepts in the climate fintech space. We leverage our experience in product design and rapid prototyping to generate early insights and gain initial market validation.
Along the way, we kill dozens of ideas and early concepts so we can stay focused on building the companies and platforms that have the potential to move hundreds of millions of dollars into climate tech.
Each year we go the distance with 1-2 companies/platforms. We build leadership teams, raise outside capital, and develop go-to-market strategies.
Our Portfolio